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About Us

About Me

Hi, I’m Riana Jacobs.  The owner/ photographer at Jacobs Photography, established in 2008.  Currently we live in Kimberley, South Africa.  Most day’s you’ll find me dressed in jeans and sneakers, just living my best life.

I started my creative journey at a young age in all types of art and transitioned to photography over time until 2008 when I became a full time photographer.

To be trusted to capture a family’s memories is a huge responsiblility and privelage.  With newborns I take the time to capture those special poses, leaving room for feedings and cuddles from mom or dad.  Pregnancy is just a miracle and to show the mom how beautiful she actually is to the world is my mission.  Families are great because I get to see the connection between siblings, and I’m able to capture moments that will be enjoyed for years to come.

I can make your photography experience painless.  The studio is a very relaxed space and I’ll use all my knowledge, pacience and love for my craft to make your photosession enjoyable.

Hope to see you soon.

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About the studio

Jacobs Photography is situated in Kimberley, South Africa.  The studio is an open space of around  13m x 7m, child friendly and open with a dressing room.  I do supply everyting needed at the newborn shoots, props, hats and wraps, but parents are welcome to bring personal items that can be used during the session.  

For the maternity sessions I use alot of cloth to get some of my signature looks.  I have a limited dress selection that will grow in the next few months.  The client alwasy have the choice on how much skin to show and I do sessions from fully clothed to naked.  Milkbath sessions are booked seperately from regular maternaty sessions.

Clothing for family sessions are up to the client, and include 4 people max.  Additional people can be added, just contact the studio for information.